EGI Conference 2021: Beyond the Horizon, Shaping the Digital Future

#EGI2021 took place on 19-21 October 2021. The conference theme was: “Beyond the Horizon: Shaping the Digital Future”.

This event provided an overview of how the EGI Federation is contributing to shaping the digital future: with EOSC growing more mature, the new EU research funding programme Horizon Europe on its way, and an exciting range of advanced services and innovative computing models supporting research, a new landscape for research is being shaped.

During the event services and tools were showcased, investigating technical innovations, exploring business opportunities and strategic and policy-related initiatives.

This year’s edition of the EGI conference counted 4 tracks, with a combination of keynotes, workshops and organised sessions, as well as input from submissions.

  • Delivering services and solutions
  • Innovating services together
  • Collaboration across boundaries
  • Envisioning the future

EOSC Enhance at the EGI Conference

19 October 13:00 CEST

Demo: EOSC Portal - Onboard your resources and contribute to creating Europe’s trusted digital environment for research

EOSC will become Europe’s virtual environment for all researchers to store, manage, analyse and re-use data for research, innovation and educational purposes. EOSC is intended to set off the ground by federating existing scientific data infrastructures and digital infrastructures for data exploitation that are now spread across disciplines and EU member states. This will make access to scientific data and other scientific outputs easier and more efficient.

The EOSC Portal is part of the European Open Science Cloud implementation roadmap as one of the expected “federating core” services contributing to the implementation of the “Access and interface” action line. It provides a European delivery channel connecting the demand and supply sides of EOSC and its different stakeholders.

The EOSC Portal is a gateway to information and resources in EOSC, providing updates on its governance and players, the projects contributing to its realisation, funding opportunities for EOSC stakeholders, relevant European and national policies, documents, and recent developments. The Portal welcomes the participation of providers that contribute to develop EOSC into a rich environment offering a wide range of services and resources for researchers through the EOSC Portal Catalogue & Marketplace.

Onboarding and maintaining quality resources for research on the EOSC Portal is a great chance for providers to reach out to researchers across Europe and beyond. Providers receive support in the onboarding process, visibility on an evolving platform, updated statistics about usage and user feedback.

This demonstration given by the EOSC Enhance team presented the benefits that providers get by uploading their services and resources into the EOSC Portal and offered a tutorial to introduce its various features, such as the steps of the onboarding process, how to navigate the elements of the provider dashboard, how to add new resources or update existing resources and how to use the EOSC Portal API.

EOSC Future at the EGI Conference

19 October 16.00-17.30 CEST


During the EGI2021 conference, EOSC Future organises a workshop with a focus on the EOSC Core. During this session we'll discuss how the EOSC Future project facilitaties EOSC operation and its architecture. 

We'll also take a look at the current status and planned developments in EOSC Core, and we'll give an overview of the status and planned evolution of the EOSC onboarding process. 

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Onboard your resources

19 October 2021 to 21 October 2021