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10 Nov

EOSC DIH Expression of Interest for Business Pilots

Deadline: 3 December 2021, 17.00 CET

Within the scope of the EOSC Future project, the EOSC DIH helps private businesses benefit from digital technologies, services and personnel offered by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

08 Nov

Dev Diary 8 - An evolving EOSC ecosystem

Welcome to the last issue of the Dev Diary created by the EOSC Enhance project, as we approach the end of these exciting two years working on the EOSC Portal. Take a look at the main updates and key upcoming dates!

02 Nov

EOSC Future –WP8 Commercial services survey

The EOSC Future project is launching a commercial services survey to gather feedback from researchers on the various commercial digital services and datasets they use in their work. Ultimately, this information will offer valuable insight into which digital services should be prioritised and procured within the European Open Science Cloud. The survey will be available until 16 November 2021.

20 Oct

MOBIS: An EOSC service to create integrative environmental and biodiversity citizen science apps

MOBIS is a service that facilitates the integration of environmental sensors and biodiversity data in an app so that researchers and developers can customise their own projects to collect and combine all sorts of useful information from images or low-cost sensors linked to a mobile website or a native app platform. Find it on the EOSC Marketplace!

13 Oct

New Tour of the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace

The EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace offer resources and services supporting the discovery, sharing, composition and analysis of research data. A virtual tour is now available to help users navigate this platform and make the most of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

01 Sep

Call for proposals of EOSC Future WP3 Working Groups – Deadline 30 September

The EOSC Future Work Package dedicated to Architecture and Interoperability (WP3) announced a call for proposals of Working Groups (WGs) with the aim of engaging the community to define guidelines and standards to advance the EOSC Interoperability Framework.

27 Aug

Dev Diary #7 - Expanding the EOSC Portal

The spring and summer of 2021 were particularly intense for the EOSC Portal team, as EOSC Enhance was finally joined by the latest addition to the landscape: EOSC Future! Take a look at the latest news about the Portal development.

24 Aug

The EOSC Association for regional and national communities: interviews with the Board

Over the past few months, the EOSC regional projects reached out to the President and Directors of the EOSC Association in order to collect insights relevant to regional and local Open Science communities across Europe.

18 Aug

EOSC Future launches the first of its RDA Open Calls

Proposals should focus on maintaining, optimising and documenting existing frameworks in keeping with RDA’s outputs and recommendations. Applicants can submit their proposal until 29 October 2021, 16.00 CEST via the EOSC Future Grants Platform.

17 Aug

Implementing EOSC together: the EOSC Symposium 2021 report is out

The final report of the EOSC Symposium 2021 is out! Learn about the key updates from the EOSC Association and the wider community, find links to all the recordings and dive into the implementation phase of the European Open Science Cloud.