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11 Apr

EOSC Portal Service Spotlight on eduVPN

A UNESCO Survey shows that under COVID-19 almost 90% of high-income countries were using online learning platforms.

Find out more on eduVPN!

07 Apr

Registration is open for the EOSC Core and Marketplace Provider Days

From 26 to 28 April 2022, EOSC Future, the INFRAEOSC-07 projects and ARCHIVER are giving an online crash course on EOSC for resource and service providers.

04 Apr

EOSC in numbers

This monthly update includes the latest EOSC portal statistics related to the onboarding of new resources, service providers and user searches.

28 Mar

EOSC Interoperability Framework Survey

On 25 March, the EOSC Future project hosted a webinar to collect input on a draft proposal for an EOSC Interoperability Framework (EOSC IF).

24 Mar

EOSC Platform Early Adopter Programme

At this stage of implementation, the European Open Science Cloud already provides a powerful tool for solving complex data-processing challenges in a variety of domains.

24 Mar

Introducing the EOSC Recommender System

A major challenge facing researchers today is information overload. While navigating large amounts of data may come with the job, researchers can get inundated with too much of the same information or incomplete information.

17 Mar

New resources available on the EOSC Portal!

Recently 13 resources have become available on the EOSC Portal. Researchers from many different fields can benefit from the newly available resources.

15 Mar

The EOSC Portal of tomorrow

The EOSC Future project takes on the main challenge of developing the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) into an operational ecosystem that will facilitate cooperation and cross-domain research while providing seamless access to scientific resources.  

10 Mar


The European Open Science Cloud aims to grant researchers access to a web of FAIR data and related services.

Let’s follow one researcher in the search for European air quality data, with the help of compute services available through EOSC!

09 Mar

Key takeaways from the 2nd ask me anything webinar: Sharing and discovering research software through EOSC

The 2nd ‘ask me anything’ session examined the merits of sharing and discovering research software as a valuable output and looked at 2 platforms available via EOSC.