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24 Aug

Recommendations for Services in a FAIR Data Ecosystem released

The article “Recommendations for Services in a FAIR Data Ecosystem” provides a detailed and unique overview of current issues seen as crucial by the scientific community that can improve the roadmap towards a FAIR data ecosystem, in which research data can be easily shared and optimally reused.

20 Aug

CatRIS Portal Onboarding Guidelines now online!

CatRIS, through its catalogue support team, has developed instructions for guiding service providers in creating their profile and registering their services into their CatRIS portal.

17 Aug

Ten life sciences research infrastructure services advancing COVID-19 research

A new video commissioned by BBMRI-ERIC within the H2020-funded CORBEL project  presents ten different ways coronavirus researchers can benefit from life sciences research infrastructures (LS RIs).

11 Aug

FAIR practice recommendations opened by FAIRsFAIR for community comment

The FAIRsFAIR deliverable “Recommendations on practice to support FAIR data principles”  is now open for community comment.

05 Aug

1st version of EOSC Glossary now online!

The first intermediate version of the EOSC glossary is now online.  It consists mainly of the basic concepts required to create the concept system and targets the infrastructure domain.

04 Aug

PaNOSC showcases FAIR data benefits in online video series

A new video series to showcase the benefits of FAIR Open Data was released online by the PaNOSC project (Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud).

04 Aug

Nordic and Baltic survey reveals insights on EOSC and FAIR Data

The EOSC-Nordic project conducted its National Initiatives Survey to assess the current state of national initiatives on topics such as familiarity with FAIR data principles, Open Research Data and services in the European research infrastructure and e-infrastructure landscape.

31 Jul

EOSC Association registered

On Wednesday, 29 July, founding members submitted the Deeds of Association of the EOSC Association to the notary public in Brussels which marks an important development towards the sustainability o

29 Jul

Participate in the EOSC-hub Procurement and Business Models Consultation

EOSC-hub is launching a public consultation to support the finalisation of its report on procurement and business models in the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

28 Jul

Express interest to join the EOSC Association

As plans for the setup of a legal entity for the European Open Science Cloud have been unveiled, expressions of interest to join the EOSC Association is now underway.