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Mapping the sensitivity of mitigation scenarios to societal choices

Science areas: Earth sciences, environmental engineering, economics


This project aims to perform modeling studies to explore how future energy systems can evolve and to quantify the links between different aspects of the global energy systems in the context of international climate change policy and sustainable development.

These analyses utilise Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), which are models of the energy, environment, and economic systems to quantify key variables of interest in these scenarios - such as emissions pathways consistent with international climate policy goals, tradeoffs of climate mitigation with land use and food security, among others.

This project will provide a proof-of-principle platform aimed at performing large scale analyses.

Latest achievements: 

The community got access to the EGI Federated Cloud and is working to adapt their application to the cloud paradigm. An initial prototype is under preparation.

EOSC-hub supporting services: 

EGI Check-in, EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Online Storage

Supported research community:

IIASA (The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) 



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