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On the 14th of December 2015, Luxembourg’s research institutions all signed and adopted the following common principles on Open Access which provide an overarching framework for individual research institution policies on Open Access. Please note that individual institution policies on Open Access may include more specific conditions.

  1. Dissemination of research results through publication is an integral part of the research activity.
  2. Publicly-funded research outputs must be dessiminated via high-quality, peer-reviewed publications, and opportunities to make results available in Open Access must be maximised.
  3. Nationally funded research outputs should be published with a CC-BY attribution licence6, allowing the information to be copied and reused.
  4. Peer reviewed journal articles and other research outputs resulting in whole or in part from publicly-funded research shall be deposited in an Open Access repository and made publicly discoverable, accessible and re-usable as soon as possible and on an on-going basis. The chosen repository must enable authors and institutions to easily comply with legal deposit laws and provide comprehensive publication metadata to digital libraries.
  5. Researchers may choose any of the valid approaches to Open Access. They are encouraged to exclusively select routes where quality is ensured and double-dipping7 is avoided.
  6. Repositories shall release the metadata immediately upon deposit. Open access to the full text paper should be made immediately upon deposit or upon the publication date at the latest. Access restrictions to the full text article may be applied as required by certain publishers, however these embargoes should not normally exceed six months for scientific, technical and health science research publications and 12 months for arts, humanities and social sciences research outputs.
  7. Long-term digital preservation of publications as well as long-term access to them will be guaranteed by the National Library of Luxembourg, due to its legal obligation of preservation of the country’s published materials.

The FNR has recently introduced a new mandatory Open Access policy for any publications from FNR (co-)funded projects granted after 1 January 2017 (exception: monographs). Publications from project funds awarded prior to that date are recommended to be Open Access, but it is not mandatory.