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ICOS - Integrated Carbon Observation System

ICOS is a pan-European research infrastructure for quantifying and understanding Europe’s greenhouse gas (GHG) balance. Its mission is to collect high-quality observational data and to promote its use, e.g. to model GHG fluxes or to support verification of emission data. ICOS brings together 120+ measurement stations across the atmosphere, ecosystem and marine domains.

The challenge

ICOS needed cloud resources to support the development of the Footprint Tool, a new web application for calculating the GHG footprint of a given location over time, based on meteorological analyses and emissions data. In addition, ICOS wants to deploy cloud resources for near real time processing of Ecosystem GHG Flux data. ICOS was at the 1st ‘Design your e-infrastructure’ Workshop in 2016 and is also a test case for interoperability of EGI and EUDAT services.

ICOS and the EOSC

In the Footprint Tool case, data is stored on B2SAFE and taken to/from the ICOS Carbon Portal with B2STAGE. Users interact only with the ICOS Carbon Portal, which instantiates virtual machines (VMs) in the EGI Federated Cloud. Within EGI, data is saved in storage linked to the EGI Data Hub and accessible by all the ICOS VMs. These include a VM hosting a web interface handling model run requests and output visualisation, a set of worker node VMs, and one VM that manages data sharing across the worker nodes. For the Ecosystem GHG Flux case, ICOS would build on a current pilot under development in the framework of ENVRIplus. This is currently using the gCube Data Analytics platform, combining resources from D4Science and EGI to orchestrate parallelised HTC computational processes.

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