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30 Aug

Report on Service Catalogue Maturity of a Service Provider

This report produced by eInfraCentral includes a set of recommendations for service providers on how to improve the maturity of their service

18 Jan

Basic Vocabulary of Foundational Terminology Query Tool

This RDA ICT Technical Specification ensures that researchers apply a common core data model when organising their data, thus making data accessible and re-usable.

11 Jan

Persistent Identifier Type Registry

This RDA Technical Specification defines standard core PID information types to enable simplified verification of data identity and integrity.

22 Dec

Machine Actionable Policy Templates

This RDA ICT Technical Specification can be used to enforce management, automate administrative tasks, validate assessment criteria, and automate scientific analyses.

19 Dec

Data Type Model and Registry

This RDA ICT Technical Specification ensures data producers classify their data sets in standard data types, allowing data users to automatically identify instruments to process and visualise...