Funding opportunities & Commercial services

The EOSC ecosystem offers a significant advantage by connecting research communities to address technical and societal issues.

Commercial service providers play a crucial role in this effort by providing research data tools, standards, and expertise to support scientific communities in conducting research and sharing discoveries.

Information on RDA/EOSC Future open calls, EOSC DIH support schemes, procurement calls, recent outcomes, and use cases that demonstrate the advantages of expanding access to commercial services through EOSC are provided below.

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RDA/EOSC Future open calls

The RDA/EOSC Future open call series presents unique opportunities for scientific communities to actively participate in the advancement of research data tools, standards, and expertise concerning EOSC.

The overall objective is to bring data initiatives and experts closer to EOSC, by equipping the platform with state-of-the-art tools and standards sourced from the global research data community. This will ensure the long-term interoperability, accessibility, and engagement of EOSC, facilitated through domain ambassadors.

The RDA/EOSC Future open call series boasts a budget of €1 million, and has already awarded over 30 grants. To discover more about the grantees and their innovative and collaborative projects, kindly refer to the link provided below.

Are you looking for more information on current RDA calls?

Go to the EOSC Future Grants Platform

EOSC Digital Innovation Hub

The EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC DIH), as part of EOSC Future, enables collaboration between the private sector, including start-ups and SMEs, and research communities to develop solutions that address their real-life needs.

In 2022, EOSC DIH examined the requirements and necessities of chosen research communities and clusters.
In 2023, the EOSC DIH plans to fund and co-develop up to three solutions with private sector companies.

These solutions will have a maximum allocated budget of 180K EUR each and will be incorporated into the EOSC Marketplace for researchers to access. This effort aims to improve the EOSC Marketplace by introducing innovative commercial services, testing the EOSC onboarding process for commercial providers, and validating the purchase mechanism for innovation and co-development within EOSC.

Ultimately, this endeavor is expected to benefit EOSC by providing researchers with better solutions on the EOSC Marketplace, offering a chance for commercial providers to test the EOSC onboarding process, and validating the purchase mechanism for EOSC.

Are you looking for more information on opportunities for commercial services?

Go to the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub

Procurement calls

An amount of € 4.8 million has been designated to introduce modern, readily available commercial services to EOSC users. The adoption funding will be spread across three calls, each focused on a distinct theme, to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance supplier engagement
  • Leverage knowledge acquired through the GÉANT-led OCRE project
  • Provide guidance on governance and compliance
  • Guarantee funding reaches diverse domains and scientific communities

This effort aims to provide EOSC users with cutting-edge commercial services while stimulating supplier involvement, building on the expertise gained through previous initiatives, and offering guidance on governance and compliance.
The allocation of funding across different domains and scientific communities seeks to ensure equitable distribution of resources.

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