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EuroSea, EMODnet, Blue-Cloud at EMD 2022
19 May 2022

Ocean observations, marine data and services for the European Green Deal - EMD 2022 workshop

The European Green Deal and its key objectives require actions, investments, stakeholder input and also public/private support. The new approach for a sustainable blue economy presented by the Commission in May 2021 highlighted the opportunities offered to marine stakeholders in the green recovery context. Ocean observation services are part of this vision, and will be at the core of a workshop organised on May 19th at 15:45 CEST within the framework of the European Maritime Day 2022 (19-20 May 2022).

The workshop is an opportunity to discuss the value of a coordinated, sustained, and fit-for-purpose ocean observing and information systems serving policy, industry, and wider society. Experts and audience will explore how this might be achieved through, among others, European framework and national commitments, efficient science-policy interface, as well as public-private partnerships. 

The workshop will bring together invited experts and attendees to look ahead at the opportunities, gaps, and priorities to reach the European Green Deal objectives via ocean observation policies and practices. The workshop is co-organised by Blue-Cloud, the flagship initiative of the H2020 Future of the Seas and Oceans programme of the European Commission which is building a pilot EOSC for accessing marine data and services; the H2020 EuroSea innovation action, working to improve and integrate the European ocean observing and forecasting system, and the European Marine Observation and Data Network EMODnet. Invited speakers are representatives of the European Commission, the European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS), the EU Copernicus programme, EMODnet,  the world's leading provider of geo-intelligence FUGRO, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The EuroSea project will promote the priorities released in a joint policy brief with Blue-Cloud and other EU projects NAUTILOS, EuroFleets+, iAtlantic, ODYSSEA, and AtlantECO.

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  •  Dina Eparkhina (EuroSea & EuroGOOS)
  •  Sara Pittonet (Trust-IT Services, Blue-Cloud)
  •  Kate Larkin (EMODnet Secretariat)
  •  Andreea Strachinescu (European Commission DG MARE)
  •  Dick Schaap (MARIS, Blue-Cloud)
  •  Fabienne Jacq (European Commission DG Defis)
  •  Nadia Pinardi (University of Bologna, EuroSea)
  •  Marco Filippone (FUGRO)
  •  Anton Ellenbroek (FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture, Blue-Cloud)
  •  Joana Beja (EMODnet Biology)