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19 October 2021 to 21 October 2021

EGI Conference 2021: Beyond the Horizon – Shaping the Digital Future

The date and Call for Abstracts for EGI Conference 2021 have been announced! 

#EGI2021 will take place from October 19th until 21st. The conference theme is: “Beyond the Horizon: Shaping the Digital Future”.

This event will provide an overview of how the EGI Federation is contributing to shaping the digital future: with EOSC growing more mature, the new EU research funding programme Horizon Europe on its way, and an exciting range of advanced services and innovative computing models supporting research, a new landscape for research is being shaped.

During the event will be showcased new services and tools, investigate technical innovations, explore business opportunities and strategic and policy-related initiatives. It will be a great opportunity to present your work and ideas and to meet your peers and colleagues from all over the world. 

About the Programme

This year’s edition of the EGI conference will count 4 tracks, with a combination of keynotes, workshops and organised sessions, as well as input from submissions.

You can submit your proposal within a specific track. However, the programme committee reserves the right to allocate your submission in another track if more appropriate. Submission can be made for the following topical tracks:


Delivering services and solutions

Submit use cases and proven solutions related to services for distributed computing and data analytics. Submissions related to services and policies for federating data and computing infrastructures are also welcome.

Example topics:

  • High Throughput Computing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Container computing
  • Management of scientific and distributed data
  • Big Data applications and approaches
  • Data Spaces
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (incl. Processing of imaging data)
  • Platforms and scalable scientific analysis environments
  • Federated authentication & authorisation
  • Accounting
  • Monitoring
  • Data discovery
  • Software infrastructures
  • Distributed applications and platforms for open science


Innovating services together

Do you want to share ideas, concepts, prototypes for joint innovation activities and bring them to maturity for use? Are you eager to share your latest invention and receive feedback from the community? Let’s advance innovative services and solutions together.

Example topics:

  • Open science methods from national and disciplinary communities
  • Data analytics platforms and Virtual Research Environments for specific disciplines and for cross/inter-disciplinary use
  • Infrastructure provisioning towards exascale computing in all scientific disciplines
  • Simulator and emulator technologies
  • Health and brain inspired technologies
  • Digital twins for complex systems
  • Emerging technologies


Collaboration across boundaries

Submit your ideas to enhance collaborations and establish new partnerships in a distributed ecosystem. Share success stories on how scientific excellence has been enabled through the federation of national, regional and international e-infrastructures and in particular the EGI Federation.

Example topics:

  • Thematic compute applications for the support of
    • reaching fundamental scientific discoveries
    • eliminating poverty, hunger, good health, reaching well-being and reduced inequalities
    • increased water quality and sanitation, affordable and clean energy and economic growth
    • sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production
    • climate action, protection of life below water and life on land 
  • Experiences on supporting cross/interdisciplinary science
  • Potential collaborations for cross-national computing
  • Interactions and possible exchange of approaches with EOSC and GAIA-X
  • Success stories from national or thematic communities
  • New ways of working together
  • Collaborating across sectors
  • Widening access to new sectors and disciplines


Envisioning the future

Are you developing specific strategies in compute ecosystems that can be relevant to the EGI community? Or are you eager to discuss and brainstorm about evolving the way EGI supports open science or other policy topics?

Example topics:

  • Open science policies at national, regional or institutional level
  • Sustainability strategies for compute services and platforms. Experiences from national/thematic communities
  • Business model innovations for compute and data services for science
  • Strategies for platform and service ecosystems 
  • National roadmaps for infrastructure development and support


Call for Abstracts

Submissions will be accepted in the following formats:

  • Long presentations (25 mins)
  • Short presentations (15 mins)
  • Posters
  • Demonstrations (30 mins)
  • Workshops/Sessions (90 mins)



Submission deadline: August 9th, 23:59 CEST.



Keep an eye on this website for updates on the registration process.





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