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25 January 2022 to 26 January 2022

3rd EOSC-ESFRI workshop

The ESFRI Task Force on EOSC is happy to announce the 3rd ESFRI-EOSC Workshop on RIs & EOSC: What does EOSC bring to RI users? as a two-day event on 25 & 26 January 2022.

The focus of this workshop is on how the RI communities and researchers can use and benefit from EOSC, getting added value. EOSC is ultimately about serving users and having a clear vision for the future towards users is a prerequisite for them to engage. This vision needs to be co-designed with the users and ultimately includes the EOSC usability for a broad range of users, so that the EOSC working environment, including its services, data and other artefacts can be adopted by the end-users.

More details to be announced on www.esfri.eu and https://twitter.com/ESFRI_eu as they come available.