Euro-Argo and the marine community

Societal challenges

Oceanographers work to analyse and interpret measurements of different physical and chemical parameters (temperature, salinity) in order to understand the effects of global warming in marine environments. These parameters are collected by large sea observation consortiums, such as Euro-Argo. To improve their understanding of ocean circulation and climate machinery, oceanographers need to access original observations from diverse sources.

Technical challenges

EOSC-hub’s Marine Competence Centre has been working on deploying ocean observations on the EOSC infrastructure for data analytics. One of the focuses is to make Euro-Argo (The European research infrastructure for ocean observation) data more easily accessible for online processing and subsetting.

How EOSC can help and add value

The EOSC-hub project has been bringing together services and tools from the European Open Science Cloud to support the Euro-Argo Data Discovery Platform and integrate the Argo research community with the EOSC. These services include compute cloud environments for hosting of the ARGO data and the data visualization environments, as well as data transfer services. 

Euro-Argo and the marine community

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