EOSC Portal - A gateway to information and resources in EOSC

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“Resource” is a generic term that includes both services and data, as well as other useful items like data collections and training material. 

The EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace facilitates sharing and discovery of, and access to EOSC Resources, that are provided by EOSC Providers, from different e-Infrastructures, research organisations, EOSC initiatives and European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) domain clusters. The EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace includes Resources (e.g. computing, storage, file transfer, analytics). 

In October 2022 the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace was enhanced to also include:

  • Research Products such as publications, research data, research software, other products
  • Data Sources including repositories, data archives, software repositories, libraries, that provide a way to access Research Products
  • Catalogues that allow external catalogues to be linked into the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace, allowing their services and data to be found and accessed from the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace. 

The figure below outlines the EOSC information model. 


Browse here the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace resources