EOSC Platform Early Adopter Programme

2 Principal Investigator and team members

(Provide full names, e-mails and affiliations)

3. Brief Summary of the Research Project
(Write a brief and plain explanation of the proposed project and the challenge it will address. Please specify how the research community will be involved and will benefit from the solution implemented in the Research Project)

4 Describe how the Research Project can take advantage of the federated EOSC resources (write a brief explanation and select the EOSC resources you are interested in, as described below):

  • If you are a service provider planning to publish your services in EOSC, select the EOSC-Core services you are interested in. Choose one or more Core services from this list: Resource Catalogue, Marketplace, AAI Federation, Order Management, Helpdesk, Monitoring, Accounting
  • Select the other EOSC resources (services, datasets and any other research product) you are interested in. Refer to the EOSC Marketplace (https://marketplace.eosc-portal.eu/) and OpenAIRE EXPLORE (https://explore.openaire.eu/) to find more about EOSC resources

5 Potential of the project to become a future EOSC service for the community at large
(Please explain if, as output of your research project, you can onboard one or more services to the EOSC platform to enrich the EOSC offer towards research communities)

6 Science area
(Please state the area of science of the project including one or more codes from the OECD Frascati Fields of Science most appropriate to the project, the codes can be consulted at https://www.oecd.org/science/inno/38235147.pdf)

7 Describe the maturity level of your research project
(Please explain if your project is ready to use the EOSC platform or if any preliminary activity needs to be completed)

8 Expected impact of data activity
(How is this data challenge similar to others in your own or other research communities? By solving this problem, what can others learn?)

9 Current deployment
(Where and what is your project already working on? Grids/clouds/HPC/HTC? Amount of storage for data analysis and for long-term archiving used?)

10 Compute and storage capacity needed to demonstrate the Research Project
(Specify the minimum resources needed to execute services involved in your project in terms of CPU cores, RAM, GPU, storage for data analysis and for long-term archiving)

11 Data class & Description
(Is the data to be handled Regulated data, Sensitive data or Private data?)

12 Open Science Practices adopted in the research project
(data sharing, open access, FAIR principles)

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