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EOSC Interoperability Framework

About the EOSC Interoperability Framework (EOSC-IF)

Enabling interoperability across resources and services is essential for building a European Open Science Cloud that is federated and fit for purpose. In turn, interoperability guidelines are necessary to facilitate the cross-discipline collaboration of researchers, providers and research communities.

EIAB and EIAC Charter

The EOSC Interoperability Framework aims to provide a set of recommendations on the components that need to be provided in the ecosystem and on the principles that guide resource producers and/or consumers on their use, in order for the framework to set a foundation for an efficient machine-actionable exchange of resources within EOSC and between EOSC and the outside world.

EOSC-IF Templates and Information

This page will be used to host templates and other useful information during the course of the EOSC Future project. Here you can find documents on EOSC-Core Interoperability Guidelines Template, EOSC-Exchange Interoperability Guidelines Template (thematic) and EOSC-Exchange Interoperability Guidelines Template (horizontal).