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LOFAR and the radio astronomy community

The basic technology of radio telescopes has not changed since the 1960's: large mechanical dish antennas collect signals before a receiver detects and analyses them.

Addressing issues related to climatic variability and sustainable use of forests

Climate change is one of the most pressing societal challenges and is having an adverse impact on many of the World’s environments.

Towards a global federated framework for open science cloud

Science Area: Environmental and health sciences

Goals: This early adopter aims to allow researchers from Africa and China to use EOSC services on top of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNIC) resources.

Integration of toxicology and risk assessment services into the EOSC marketplace

Science Area: Health sciences

Goals: The OpenRiskNet project is developing an e-infrastructure for safety assessment, including toxicology and especially predictive toxicology, structural biology, bioinformatics, cheminformatics.

The main goal of the early adopter is to assess OpenRiskNet’s services for EOSC integration.

EOSC DevOps framework and virtual infrastructure for ENVRI-FAIR common FAIR data services

Science Area: Earth and related environmental sciences

ENVRI-FAIR is a project that connects the Environmental Research Infrastructure (ENVRI) community to the European Open Science Cloud.

AGINFRA+: virtual research environments to support agriculture and food research communities

Science Area: Agricultural sciences

Goals: AGINFRA+ aims to exploit e-infrastructures to provide a sustainable channel addressing neighboring but not fully connected user communities around the agriculture and food domains.

A main goal of the early adopter is to create a DataMiner (DM) cluster and make it available to all the communities served by the D4Science infrastructure. 

OpenBioMaps data management service for biological sciences and biodiversity conservation

Science Area: Biology

Goals: The OpenBioMaps (OBM) is a free and open-source database framework for scientific and conservation purposes used for data management by nature conservation institutes, biodiversity research and citizen science projects.


Science Area: Physical sciences (astronomy)

Goals: VESPA aims at building a Virtual Observatory for Planetary Science, connecting all sorts of data in the field, allowing for rapid data search and providing modern tools to retrieve, cross-correlate, and display data and results of scientific analyses. The goal of the early adopter is to use the EOSC infrastructure to host the servers of the VESPA provider.

Open AiiDA lab platform for cloud computing in materials science

Science Area: Physical sciences

Goals: This early adopter aims at providing access to Kubernetes managed infrastructure to support the deployment and operation of an open AiiDA lab instance in EOSC and supporting the authentication and authorisation of EOSC users into AiiDA lab.

Supporting FAIR data discoverability in clinical research: providing a global metadata repository (MDR) of clinical study object

Science Area: Health sciences

Goals:  ECRIN is a non-profit organisation that links scientific partners and networks across Europe to facilitate multinational clinical research. The main goal of this use case is to deploy the ECRIN MetaData Repository (MDR) CORE database and metadata conversion tool in the European Open Science Cloud.


This page provides examples of "EOSC-in-practice" use cases or success stories that highlight how EOSC services and resources can support the daily work of researchers and innovators.



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