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EOSC-hub Disaster Mitigation Competence Centre Plus (DMCC+)

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Natural Sciences
Social Sciences

Societal challenges

e-Science & e-Infrastructures are having profound impacts in Asia and have recently been moving towards open science supported by the EOSC-Hub project.

The project’s competence centre  -  DMCC+ - is working on pursuing humanity sustainable development in Asia by reducing the impacts of natural disasters. DMCC+ conducts case studies on tsunami, storm surge, flood, forest fire monitoring and dust transportation. The purpose is to assemble and make available simulation services to support climate and disaster mitigation research.

Technical challenges

DMCC+ aims to build up the capacity of disaster risk analysis by innovating simulation services. A deeper qualitative understanding and reproduction of the whole lifecycle of the target hazards contribute directly to more accurate risk analysis as well as a mitigation strategy.

How EOSC can help and add value

The work is being carried out via the EOSC-hub project. The project’s CC leverages the EOSC technical offer and works together with institutes from the Asia-Pacific region that focus on modelling and predicting disaster events. The final ambition is to be able to predict such events and design mitigation actions against them.