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EOSC DevOps framework and virtual infrastructure for ENVRI-FAIR common FAIR data services

Science Area: Earth and related environmental sciences


ENVRI-FAIR is a project that connects the Environmental Research Infrastructure (ENVRI) community to the European Open Science Cloud.

Use cases of the early adopter:

-          Automated cloud execution for data workflow

-          Continuously testing and integration for ENVRI services

-          Notebook based environment for FAIR data access and processing

Specific steps:

-          Get resources and test the EOSC services

-          DevOps pipeline configured and demonstrated with at least 2 services

-          Automated workflow execution in cloud

-          Extended the involved service and explore sustainability options

EOSC-hub supporting services:

EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Online Storage, Jelastic PaaS, EGI Notebooks

Supported research community:

ENVRI-FAIR project 


CESGA, INFN, Jelastic

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