Enabling the maximal re-use of data while ensuring IPR compliance.

Based on NI4OS-Europe’s research, legal uncertainty about usage rights and high costs in clearance of licensing issues are very often a matter of concern when it comes to newly produced content but mostly the creation of derivative works, i.e. work that is produced based on other sources. Before sharing one’s research it is important to correctly clear copyrights for any material that may have been used.

The Licence Clearance Tool (LCT) automates the licence clearance of derivative works and the selection of the most suitable licence for the users’ resources. The tool provides a guided approach for establishing the proper open-source license required for the creation of a new (or synthetic) dataset, media, software etc. or for the re-use of existing unlicensed content. It proposes two workflows, one resource-driven for users that have a resource and want to clear derivate work licenses; the other is license-driven and it can be used when users have a target license and need to understand license compatibility with other resources.

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