ELIXIR and the life sciences community

Societal challenges

ELIXIR is an organisation aiming to coordinate, integrate and sustain bioinformatics resources – such as databases, computational services, applications – across its member states and enables users in academia and industry to access what is vital for their research. 

The challenge is to unite Europe’s leading life science organisations in managing the increasing volume of data generated by publicly-funded research.

Technical challenges

ELIXIR wants to establish a federation of cloud sites, each providing storage and compute capacity for researchers. An established Competence Centre in EOSC-hub is supporting this activity. The CC team has been supporting ELIXIR to set up a compute platform that allows ELIXIR cloud and data providers to share cloud compute and storage capacity to replicate and share reference datasets with each other and with their users.

How EOSC can help and add value

The ELIXIR Compute Platform aims to enable researchers to combine technical components of the platform services into a seamless ecosystem, creating a science-ready interface to the key resources and technological capabilities that are available for life sciences.

The ELIXIR Compute Platform has been leveraging the EOSC Service Catalogue, especially in the area of aligning ELIXIR with the EOSC AAI.

ELIXIR and the life sciences community

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