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DS-DRACO: A cloud framework for state-of-the-art Space Weather data

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Engineering & Technology

Societal challenges

Space Weather concerns the phenomena that arise from the changing physical conditions of the Sun and its effects at Earth. It may seem an abstract topic, but events such as geomagnetic storms have actual practical and economic consequences at Earth, especially as our economies are increasingly dependent on technology and satellite communications and services. The possible consequences and damages due to Space Weather can be mitigated with appropriate protocols that rely on accurate forecasts.

Technical challenges

The DRACO project aims to establish a planetary network of observatories capable of generating high-resolution cosmic ray Space Weather data with an unprecedented level of detail. An advanced cloud infrastructure is essential to manage the distribution and ensure the availability of this Space Weather data. 

How EOSC can help and add value

The DS-DRACO pilot, developed by Hidronav as an EOSC DIH business pilot, was the first step to develop such data infrastructure. The underlying DS-DRACO pilot infrastructure is now storing and providing access to high-resolution data from and for early adopters. 

The research-facing web portal is also online, as a hub of interoperable data for Space Weather modelers and forecasters. Future Space Weather products derived from raw data will be distributed through this platform.