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EOSC-hub integration handbook for service providers

This handbook provides assistance for service providers who want to share services via EOSC with the use of EOSC-hub services. (May 2020)

The handbook is available on Zenodo. Support services are available here

The EOSC Early Adopter Programme

The EOSC Early Adopter Programme (EAP) is an initiative launched by the EOSC-hub project back in 2019 aimed at research communities interested in exploring the latest state-of-art technologies and services offered by the European Open Science Cloud. The ultimate goal of the programme has been to gain insight into researchers’ needs and, with their participation, drive the future developments of EOSC.

This publication highlights the use cases of the EAP - 13 in total - and their achievements while adopting EOSC services.

DIH Business Pilot Success Stories

The EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is the mechanism for private companies to collaborate with public sector institutions within the European Open Science Cloud in order to access technical services, research data, and human capital.The EOSC DIH kick-started with six business pilots that were pre-selected during the project’s preparation phase. Over the last 18 months, these pilots have worked to mature their service offering and achieved incredible success. The EOSC DIH is open for more collaborations and has already started to onboard new pilots.

Achieving Open Science in the EOSC

The European Open Science Cloud is a great and timely opportunity for coordinating the efforts to unleash Europe's potential into making good use and adding value to research data. Collaboration and openness should be in the centre to make EOSC work. Open Science - and particularly Open Access to scientific content (publications, data, software) - is now becoming all the more relevant, and OpenAIRE is pleased to see the work done for the past 10 years fill this gap in EOSC.

Common Vision, Service Provision, and Role in the EOSC Governance

EOSC-Hub and OpenAIRE-Advance are committed to develop and maintain an EOSC portfolio of services and the related business plans, to meet the demand-side and supply-side needs. The adopted business plan template - developed according to standards and best practices - will be general enough to be adopted by everybody willing to operate services in the context of EOSC.

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