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The Social Sciences and Humanities communities needed a central point to gather and exchange information about their tools, services, and datasets. Although plenty of project websites, service registries, and data repositories existed, they were mostly fragmented. The lack of contextualisation connecting these assets and offering domain-relevant means to discuss and enrich them was evident. Also, there was a need to digitalise this research domain which, in most cases, was not yet digital native.

This siloed environment was the challenge SSHOC set out to bridge in January 2019.

The  solution to solve this problems was found in the SSH Open Marketplace, delivered in 2022. It is a discovery platform supporting researchers in the multi-faceted domain of humanities and social sciences at every step of the research data lifecycle.

The SSH Open Marketplace is available on the EOSC Portal and was developed by SSHOC


Download & read the story now on Zenodo here