The Dark Matter Test Science Project (TSP)

This project is a collaboration between scientists in European Research Infrastructures and experiments seeking to explain the nature of dark matter (such as HL-LHC, KM3NeT, CTA, DarkSide). The goal of this Science Project is to highlight the synergies between different dark matter communities and experiments, by producing new scientific results as well as by making the necessary data and software tools fully available.

Besides the interpretation of results in terms of dark matter theories, synergies also exist between different communities and experiments in the tools needed to produce those results, in particular in terms of data management, data analysis and computing.
ESCAPE researchers funded by EOSC-Future have developed a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) that takes full advantage of these synergies. The VRE hosts both FAIR data and software, so that data analyses from different experiments can be executed in full.

You can read the full story on Zenodo here