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Rules, guidelines and procedures

  • Please submit only events that you consider directly related to the EOSC Ecosystem or particularly relevant for its audience
  • Please submit only news directly related to the implementation of the EOSC Portal and its components
  • The default language for all submitted items should be English. If the original article you are linking to is in another language you should state it in your publication
  • Post a shortened version of your news or event, linking to the original element on your website. This way we will contribute to your communications and lead to the original source and not the other way around
  • Indicate a short, meaningful and catchy title for your publication
  • The ideal item should be of a minimum of 50 words and maximum of 500 words
  • Please also add a summary, reporting the highlights of your publication
  • Images are mandatory. They should preferably be in JPG/JPEG format, weight less than 16MB and measure 900x600px
  • On events, please indicate the start and end date (if relevant) and exact hours
  • Finally, please indicate your details to be contacted if clarifications are needed

Do you have a use case or a success story that highlights how EOSC services and resources can support the daily work of researchers and innovators? Then you might want to submit an EOSC-in-practice story for the EOSC Portal.