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The EOSC Future project invites EOSC service providers to contribute ONE promotional article PER SERVICE to be published and promoted via the EOSC Portal channels on a first come, first serve basis.

All submissions will undergo a review and editing process, during which the EOSC Portal communications team and EOSC Portal Editorial Board may reach out for some clarifications and proposed edits.

Please note that not all submissions are guaranteed to be published, but to have the best possible chance of publication, we recommend that the contributors stay as close as possible to the guidelines below.

Delivery Specifics

  • All contributions should be sent through the form below
  • Minimum 250 words, maximum 500 words
  • Provide at least 1 header image (900px x 600 px) and the provider is allowed 3 more extra supporting images of the same dimensions.
  • Optional: We welcome embedding a maximum of 1 video if it supports the article

Article Guidelines


Craft a title that answers the question "What does your service do for its users"

  • "EOSCService opens up access to 400 marine databases across Europe"
  • "Researchers benefit from 50% compute time decrease through EOSCService"


  • Article should cite the EOSC Portal at least once.
  • Tone is conversational and inviting, yet still professional

General structure

  • Catchy introductory sentence
  • Body
  • Conclusion and call to action (to visit the service in the EOSC Portal Marketplace)
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