Call for researchers to shape the EOSC Future solutions

Apply for EOSC Future User Group

EOSC Future is seeking researchers and actors from all scientific fields to closely support the co-design of EOSC.

The EOSC Future project will develop an environment with interoperable research data sets and other research outputs including publications and code, professional data services, and access to resources such as compute and storage and services like data discovery and archive. It will create a so-called ‘system of systems’ that will support European researchers in managing the entire lifecycle of data: from sharing, managing and exploiting their own data to discovering, re-using and recombining the data sets of others. 

In order to reach this goal, EOSC Future would like to engage and onboard a pool of diverse EOSC Users (the so-called EOSC Future User Group) that will provide input and feedback on the solutions developed by the project and promote the achievements for its whole duration (until September 2023).

The User Group will consist of at least 200 selected champions from all scientific areas who will support the project in co-designing and validating future EOSC services and products on the user-level.

The application period ends by the 31st of September, 23:59.

Download the PDF version here

1 Expectations and tasks

The members of the EOSC Future User Group will be engaged in setting the scene for the future EOSC services and to strengthen the benefits of EOSC for researchers’ every-day work. They will have a valuable opportunity to influence EOSC implementation on behalf of their research communities and user stakeholders they represent. In particular, starting from the beginning of October 2021, the selected user representatives are expected to commit to the following activities:

  • Completion of approximately 4 or 5 short surveys performed between October 2021 and September 2023;
  • Participation in focus groups to provide input on future EOSC Future developments (approximately 2-hour online meetings twice a year between October 2021 and September 2023). These focus groups will include active participants to the Science Projects funded by the INFRAEOSC-03-2020 call and will give the opportunity to the EOSC Future User Group participants to contribute to the ongoing efforts in their scientific community as well;
  • Participation in two EOSC Future “testbeds” (2 testbed sessions organised between October 2021 and September 2023 to test the EOSC Future solutions before they are rolled out and provide feedback so the final versions can meet the requirements of the broader user community).
2 Who should apply?

We are seeking individuals with different research perspectives and backgrounds, prioritising active researchers (at minimum 50% of selected applicants). We will select applicants from all research fields and disciplines at various career stages. Geographical distribution and gender balance will be considered in the selection process. We mainly seek representatives from all European Union Member States and Associated Countries. Applications from other continents will be considered on a case by case basis.   

Applications from inter/cross-disciplinary researchers are especially encouraged for this call.

Staff working on the EOSC Future project i.e. directly funded through a beneficiary (its department or unit executing EOSC Future activities) as an LTP or seconded personnel are not eligible to apply.

3 Why become a member of the EOSC Future User Group
  • Get actively involved in EOSC co-design and validation
  • Influence future EOSC developments on behalf of your science area
  • Free access to EOSC services and resources provided by the H2020 projects funded under the INFRAEOSC-07-2020 call (For more information please read this article). 
  • Boost your competencies and career opportunities:
    • Valuable experience to add to your CV
    • Possibility of participation in events and presenting your work at EOSC conferences
    • Widen your (inter)national network and collaborations (such as meeting various experts and professionals)
    • Opportunities for training and support for using EOSC services
    • Possibility for mentoring/ matchmaking support to help career progression (such as for advice and placements) and also towards compliance with Horizon Europe open access mandates.


4 How to apply

Submit your application through the following application form before the 15th of September 2021.

The applications will be reviewed by the partner organisations of the EOSC Future project. Applicants will be informed by the end of September 2021.

5 Financial Conditions and Confidentiality

Personal information collected through the application form will be handled according to the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as explained at the end of this application form. 

Membership of the User Group is built on a voluntary basis. We kindly remind you that no financial support is available.

6 Contact point

In case of further questions, please contact: 

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