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Bulgaria has a National Strategy for Development of the Scientific Research articulated in 13 recommendations:

  1. The Ministry of Education and Science shall establish a policy of open access
  2. Scientific institutions and foundations shall also establish policies on open access
  3. Universities and other research institutions shall implement and promote the open access policy
  4. Exploring the opportunities for coordination between the bibliometric indicator and the open access policies
  5. A single joint national database for research has to be established
  6. Exploring the need for a repository for the scientific publications of small research institutions
  7. Scientific publishers, research institutions and publishers shall prepare a joint document on the transition to open access
  8. An information campaign on open access directed to the scientific community should be carried out
  9. Coordinating the open access initiative with similar international initiatives
  10. Licenses shall receive consideration
  11. Participation in national fora for cooperation in the field of interoperability and repositories
  12. Creating a service for long-term storage of scientific publications
  13. Planning open access and long-term conservation of the original data

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