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Big Data Analytics for agricultural monitoring using Copernicus Sentinels and EU open data sets

Science areas: Earth sciences, agriculture, environmental engineering


The key aspect in this early adopter is to show how federated EOSC resources can facilitate a range of Sentinel data applications across agricultural user domains. 

Latest achievements: 

Access to EGI Cloud and CREODIAS (from CloudFerro) Infrastructure have been granted. A restful server has been set up to facilitate the access and the process of the Earth Observation data. A first exploratory work to use the EGI Notebooks is ongoing. 

EOSC-hub supporting services: 

EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Cloud Container Compute, CloudFerro Infrastructure, EODC SDIP infrastructure. 

Supported research community:

European Commission, Joint Research Centre


EODC, CloudFerro, CESNET, JRC, EGI Foundation

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