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The European Commission is providing financial support to implement the EOSC by means of projects under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020). This page includes all the projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme contributing to the establishment of the European Open Science Cloud.



eInfraCentral is the European catalogue of e-Infrastructure services and resources. For users, this standardised registry makes it easier to discover and access services and resources. For service providers, this quality oriented registry enables publishing of their services to meet researchers’ expectations.

EOSC Secretariat

EOSC Secretariat delivers 360° support to the EOSC Governance while working openly and inclusively with communities to co-create an all-encompassing European Open Science Cloud. 


EOSC-hub brings together multiple service providers to create the Hub: a single contact point for European researchers and innovators to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of resources for advanced data-driven research.


EOSCpilot supports the first phase in the development of the EOSC proposing a governance framework and policies, developing interoperability pilots in several scientific domains and, engaging with stakeholders.


FREYA aims to extend the infrastructure for persistent identifiers (PIDs) as a core component of open research, in the EU and globally. FREYA will improve discovery, navigation, retrieval, and access to research resources.


The Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE) project aims to give the European research community access to commercial digital services (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS cloud services), as well as Earth Observation (EO) services.


OpenAIRE-Advance facilitates the move to a more open and reproducible scientific landscape by offering a unique set of services to embed Open Science into researcher workflows to promote opening up, sharing and reusing of research outcomes.

RDA Europe

RDA Europe 4.0, the European plug-in to RDA (the Research Data Alliance), focuses on the need for open and interoperable sharing of research data and builds social, technical and cross-disciplinary links to enable such sharing on a global scale.

The EOSC portal has been jointly developed and maintained by the eInfraCentral, EOSC-hub, EOSCpilot and OpenAIRE-Advance projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme with contribution of the European Commission.