EOSC Digital Innovation Hub

EOSC DIH is an international and multi-partner cooperation that supports companies in easily accessing the digital technologies and services offered by EOSC.

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) are one-stop-shops that help companies to become more competitive with regard to their business/production processes, products or services using digital technologies. They are based upon technology infrastructure (competence centre) and provide access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology to support their customers with piloting, testing and experimenting with digital innovations. DIHs also provide business and financing support to implement these innovations, if needed across the value chain.

EOSC DIH goals and objectives

MISSION: Stimulate joint innovation with private enterprises leveraging EOSC services, data and expertise

The EOSC DIH combines 4 main pillars to help companies become more competitive:

  1. Pilot design and co-design: design and testing of pilots services or products;
  2. Technical assets: services, tools and applications for HTC, HPC, cloud computing, machine learning, (open) research data or data management,
  3. Training and support: technical consultancy, business coaching, funding opportunities;
  4. Visibility: inclusion of company solutions in the EOSC Marketplace and exploiting EOSC networking and ecosystem opportunities.

The objectives of the EOSC DIH are:

  • Coordinates the operation and expansion of the EOSC DIH community
  • Manages the full lifecycle of business pilots
  • Identifies services and solutions required by the EOSC to be developed by industry
  • Develops a more mature impact monitoring and evaluation system
  • Establishes corridors to other DIHs to support pan-European and regional collaboration
  • Serve as an industrial engagement channel for other EC projects and initiatives

Target stakeholders and benefits

Companies and other entities that want to access the digital technologies and services offered by the EOSC.

This can be commercial companies, SMEs, spin-offs and start-ups, but also projects that support businesses and EOSC implementation at regional level; multiplier networks, and of course other DIHs.

Through EOSC DIH, these stakeholders can:

  • Acquire new knowledge and expertise, share skills and expertise, increase research innovation outputs, boost publications
  • Connect with other EC initiatives that support start-ups and SME’s, implementing the EOSC mission to serve innovation
  • Improve technical services offered, add complementary resources, offer a wider range of tailor-made products, services and solutions
  • Gain access to free licences or discounts, expand their partner and customer base, and explore new paths for revenue generation


EOSC Future wants to deliver an European Open Science Cloud that focuses on technology and interoperability, resource availability, user engagement and user experience. It wants to bring together a wide variety of stakeholders from (e-)infrastructures and diverse scientific communities to make an environment that responds to real user needs. For this purpose, the EOSC DIH integrates the services from DICE, OpenAIRE Nexus, C-SCALE and EGI-ACE that contribute with in-kind services while EOSC Future is providing the continued funding for expanding and maturing the EOSC DIH.

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