The 5 INFRAEOSC-07-2020 projects




C-SCALE federates existing European Earth Observation (EO) service providers, cloud resources and computing centres to empower the European EO research community to more easily discover, access, process, analyse and share Copernicus data, tools, resources and services. The C-SCALE Data and Compute federation will ensure interoperability between distributed data catalogues, computational tooling and infrastructure. By making such a scalable Big Copernicus Data Analytics federated services available through the EOSC Portal, the project aims to support the EO sector in its development and to enable the integration of EO data into other existing and future domains within EOSC.




RELIANCE will extend the EOSC service offering with a set of industry strong, innovative, interconnected services for the open, efficient, and cross-disciplinary management of research lifecycle. These services will be based on Research Object technology and paradigm. Research Objects will be interconnected with Data Cube technologies - namely the ADAM platform – for efficient management of Earth Observation data and with artificial intelligence-based text mining and semantic enrichment services. Reliance services will be validated through inter and cross disciplinary use cases and scenarios involving different Earth Science user communities. 





OpenAIRE is a European e-Infrastructure with the mission to establish, maintain and operate an open scholarly communication infrastructure. It provides services, resources and network to support a common European e-science environment. Maintaining a network of 37 National Open Access Desks (NOADs),  OpenAIRE provides a forum for the alignment of policies and best practices on Open Access to publications, interoperability of repositories, Research Data Management and training to researchers, content providers, research managers and policy makers.  Operating since 2009, OpenAIRE is an integral part and a leading force behind the European Open Science Cloud developments. OpenAIRE AMKE is a Non-Profit Partnership established in September 2018 with 47 members. 








EGI-ACE is a 30-month project (Jan 2021 - June 2023) with a mission to empower researchers from all disciplines to collaborate in data- and compute-intensive research through free-at-point-of-use services. EGI-ACE delivers the ‘EOSC Compute Platform’, an integrated compute environment that federates compute and storage facilities with various platforms and access layers. The project also contributes to the EOSC Data Commons through the setup and provisioning of ‘Data Spaces’ that integrate scientific datasets and data analytics tools on top of the Compute Platform and deliver them as ‘Thematic services’ in EOSC. EGI-ACE services are made available for users via the EOSC Portal, and via the continuously open EGI-ACE Call for Use Cases.






DICE is enabling a European storage and data management infrastructure for EOSC, providing generic services to store, find, access, and process data in a consistent and persistent way while enriching the services to better support sensitive data and long-term preservation. 18 providers from 11 European countries are offering 14 state-of-the-art data management services together with more than 50 Petabytes of storage capacity. Over the duration of the DICE project, the resources are provided free at the point of use for its users.