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The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
Providing 1.8 million European researchers and 70 million professionals in science and technology a virtual environment with open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines.



Fruit supermarket

New resources in the Marketplace!

In the last month, 14 resources have been made available in the EOSC catalogue and marketplace. Although researchers from many different fields can benefit from these newly...

Open Energy Platform

EOSC Portal Service Spotlight on the Open Energy Platform

According to the IEA Electricity Market Report from January 2022, after a small drop in 2020, global electricity...


EOSC in numbers – April 2022

This monthly update includes the latest EOSC portal statistics related to the onboarding of new resources, service providers and user searches. You will also find key indicators related to the...

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